A Brief Introduction

Yantai Huaguan Electrical Applicances Co.Ltd.is an enterprise for research,development,and production of Hall-effect current/voltage sensors.

World advanced technology are being adopted and selected materials and qualified elements being used to ensure a good quality and reliability of our products.

We have now established a close cooperation with relative universities,research institutes and enterprises.

Qur major products include

1.DCH6K-300KA Hall-effect open-loop strong current sensors of high precision with low temperature drift and low power consumption.The operation of the sensors are stable and reliable.The sensors are widely used for the measuring and control of current in various occasions.

2。DCH6KA Hall-effect open-loop current sensor suitable for automatic power adjustment。

3。DBC series Hall-effect closed-loop current sensor of magnetic-balance type。

4.DVC series Hall-effect closed-loop voltage sensor of magnetic-balance type.

5。DDC seres mag-modulated weak current (direct-current)sensor used for check-up and control of weak direct-current or leakage current。

6。DZ converter series,for the conversion of current voltage and impedance adopted to the application of interface。

The above-mentioned products are widely adopted by industries covering mechinery,textile,chemistry,automobile conmunication,etc.

Current/voltage sensors of different specifications are to be made to order according to the requirement of customers.

We would like to establish cooperation with more customers,businessmen,investers,universities,science & research institutes,enterprises and those of the same trade for a common development.





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